Exceptional choices in office coffee machines, fresh-roasted coffee, cold brew, iced tea, breakroom supplies, and so much more. See how easy it is to qualify your company for a free top-of-the-line, bean-to-cup espresso machine that dispenses a wide range of flavors at the push of a button!

About Our Company

Coffee Roaster and First Class Coffee Service

THE COFFEE BROKER is obsessed with great tasting coffee delivered with first class service. When we started our company, we began with a single idea—how can the challenge of standard “unimpressive office coffee” be overcome?

It’s our belief that people should have the same quality coffee found in the best neighborhood restaurants and coffee houses, like Starbucks®, but without having to leave their offices or paying that high cost.

Providing first class office coffee and being known as a coffee roaster became our mission and a great success!
THE COFFEE BROKER is the Valley’s exclusive distributor of an amazing line of commercial coffee machines—super, high-tech, gourmet hot beverage bars—that will surpass your expectations. These simple, yet industrial, commercial-grade, espresso machines deliver the same specialty coffees found inside today’s most popular coffee shops, plus hot chocolate and chai teas. We would love for you to experience the smell, taste, and convenience, because the quality will amaze you!

Professional Approach and Standards

THE COFFEE BROKER offers commercial coffee machines that through the highest quality engineering and designs are easy to use and easy to care for. Our machines are without equals; no one else offers a line of commercial coffee machines quite like this. Not only are they sleek and sophisticated, they are designed to work hard 365 days of the year with minimal maintenance—perfect for any restaurant or business office.

People love our commercial coffee machines for their ease of operation and incredible beverages. Service calls are practically nonexistent.

We initially developed this company to provide innovative commercial grade coffee machines to those involved in the rapidly expanding specialty coffee arena. However, after Starbucks® pioneered specialty coffee shops throughout the United States, we knew it was time to introduce our machines not only to the sophisticated coffee connoisseur, but to all business and restaurant owners who desire first class service and the highest-quality coffee products available.

Coffee Roaster and Amazing Machines

THE COFFEE BROKER super-automatic espresso machines have been placed in restaurants, clubs, banks, hair salons, delicatessens, bakeries, convenience stores, gasoline stations, auto dealers, liquor stores, catering companies, car washes, apartment complexes, leasing agencies—the list is extensive and continues.

As much as we appreciate Starbucks® for leading the way, our commercial coffee machines produce pressure-brewed coffee and other gourmet hot beverages consistently better and fresher than standard office coffee without the hassle or cost of leaving the office. Anyone can operate our coffee machines with just the push of a button, and everyone loves our high-quality ingredients and superior flavor. We think you will agree!

Parts and Service

Pacific Standard Time
Services available: 24/7

You are welcome to call at any time. If you are connected to our voicemail, please DO NOT HANG UP. Leave your name, phone number, and the best time to call you. If relevant, please leave the model number of your coffee machine and/or any particular issue you would like to address.

At THE COFFEE BROKER customer service is a top priority. We always strive to address and resolve problems immediately. Parts ordered are delivered very quickly, with never a hassle. You will always be dealing with professionals.

Limited One-Year Warranty

This warranty only applies to machines that are purchased from THE COFFEE BROKER and is in effect for the period described above from the date of the first consumer purchase and is limited to the United States of America and Canada. This warranty covers all defects in materials or workmanship (parts and service). For the warranty to be valid, you must register your machine with your representative at the time of purchase.

Free Transportation:

Within the warranty period, this warranty also covers free shipping to and from our repair center (UPS ground) for the Continental US (except Alaska and Hawaii) and Canada.

Warranty Does Not Cover:

  • Any machine not distributed by The Coffee Broker within the U.S. and Canada.
  • Any machine not purchased from an authorized The Coffee Broker representative.
  • Damage caused by accident, abuse, negligence, misuse, improper operation or failure to follow instructions
  • ontained in the manual.
  • Any service or alteration performed by an unauthorized person, company or association.
  • Damage caused by neglecting and omitting cleaning cycles.
  • Damage caused by use of any ingredients other than specifically allowed in this product.
  • Any transportation costs outside the original distribution area.

Other Limitations and Exclusions:

Any implied warranties including fitness for use and merchantability are express warranty set for the above and no person is authorized to assume for Espresso-Etc! any other liability in connection with the sale of the machine. Espresso-Etc! expressly disclaims liability for incidental and con-sequential damages caused by the machine. The terms “incidental damages” refer to the loss of the original purchasers time, loss of the use of the machine or other costs relating to the care and custody of the machine. The terms “consequential damages” refer to the cost of repairing or replacing other property that is damaged when this machine does not work properly. The remedies provided under this warranty are exclusive and in lieu of all others. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights that vary from state to state.

Authorized Resellers

In order to protect the integrity of our products and to make sure that you will get your products complete and as promised by us, THE COFFEE BROKER sells and leases through authorized representatives only. You can always contact us before your purchase to make sure you buy or lease from an authorized The Coffee Broker representative.

Non-Authorized Resellers

If you buy a new or used THE COFFEE BROKER product from a non-authorized reseller, you will automatically forfeit your warranty protection.

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