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Eco-friendly Coffe Service

Environmental Responsibility


We take seriously the responsible use and protection of the natural environment. If it is a strong value within your place of business, single-serve plastic K-cups are definitely not recommended. While traditional coffee machines use filters made of paper, recycling programs don’t accept them. Our eco-conscious, bean-to-cup, commercial coffee machines don’t require K-cups or filter paper to deliver a single serving of fresh-brewed coffee. This includes:

  • specialty and gourmet flavored coffees
  • hot chocolate
  • or chai tea.

Can you really enjoy coffee that is both delicious and eco-friendly? You bet, you can! Call us today  (310) 889-8714

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BILLIONS of K-cups — ZERO recycled.

Single-cup coffees are the latest trend because they offer a perception of greater quality and freshness. But this trend is being challenged by its obvious impact on the environment. Over 10 Billion K-cups are produced each year, and even more when you add in pods and capsules. — None are recycled. Made of non-degradable plastic and a sheet of tin foil, these billions of K-cups are simply dumped into landfills. Metallic capsules are no better. Each Nespresso capsule contains 1 gram of aluminum — 13 of them equal one soda can. — None are recycled.

The Safe SINGLE-CUP Solution the

Eco-friendly coffee solution


THE COFFEE BROKER offers good news with an excellent single-cup coffee alternative to K-cups, pods and capsules. Our bean-to-cup coffee machines deliver individual servings of excellent specialty coffees. Because each cup is brewed from freshly-ground, high-quality espresso beans, the flavor simply doesn’t get any better or fresher.

Our eco-friendly coffee solutions are the perfect match for offices that value environmental stewardship. Therefore if you’re concerned with the effect their operations have on the environment this could be perfect for you. Not only do we resolve the environmental issue posed by K-cups, but we do so at a lower cost and higher quality. The best of all worlds, excellent single-cup coffee, hot chocolate, and chai teas delivered in environmentally responsible packaging — a TOTAL win compared to K-cups!

Eco-friendly coffee
Eco-friendly coffee solutions