Exceptional choices in office coffee machines, fresh-roasted coffee, cold brew, iced tea, breakroom supplies, and so much more. See how easy it is to qualify your company for a free top-of-the-line, bean-to-cup espresso machine that dispenses a wide range of flavors at the push of a button!

Best Office Coffee Machines

We Have a Variety of Espresso Machines to Choose From

Try our coffee service in your office or restaurant to find out if you qualify for a no-cost machine.

free coffee maker

A distinctive offer.

For a limited time, we are offering qualifying restaurants and foodservice companies espresso machines at no cost.

THE COFFEE BROKER will set up an amazing, high-tech, computerized, super-automatic espresso machine and beverage bar in your company’s break or lunchroom.

Everyone in your office can enjoy the entirely free delicious specialty coffees, hot chocolate, and chai tea, and give you immediate feedback on the taste and ease of operation.

Your Company Will Enjoy Gourmet Espresso Drinks.

Your company will have a fabulous, commercial coffee machine in your office.  There’s no pressure, no hassle — fun and friendly — just some free hot beverage treats for you and your employees. We service and supply all of our customers with fresh roasted that we roast.

Personalized service.

We begin by coming to your location and discovering your needs. We offer a wide variety of beverages, equipment, and supplies to all sizes of offices, restaurants, and commercial locations. Our customizable coffee service will accommodate the varied tastes of your employees, customers, and guests. We will consistently work with you to fine-tune your coffee service so that it always meets your specific needs.

Please Note:
This offer is valid throughout our service area only.

How can that be!

If your company is located in one of our service areas and has at least 100 in-office employees, you might qualify for a no-cost super-automatic espresso coffee machine to be placed in your place of business.**

Complete this short form and we’ll get back to you and customize the perfect solution for your business.

Limited-Time Offer.

** To qualify, your 100+ employees must have easy access to our coffee machine during the workday. If you do not have that many employees or they are out of the office most of the time, there may be other ways to qualify.

If your office has LESS than 100 employees, your office MAY still qualify for a free office coffee machine. For example, your company could have a sizable number of daily visitors that can be easily accounted for and who are likely to enjoy some amazing specialty coffees, hot chocolate, and chai teas!

If your office does not qualify, no worries, we offer easy, affordable lease and rental programs to fit your needs and budget.