Exceptional choices in office coffee machines, fresh-roasted coffee, cold brew, iced tea, breakroom supplies, and so much more. See how easy it is to qualify your company for a free top-of-the-line, bean-to-cup espresso machine that dispenses a wide range of flavors at the push of a button!

Espresso Machines

Commercial Espresso Machines

THE COFFEE BROKER is proud to be a distributor of a wide range of commercial espresso coffee machines, each one carefully chosen to deliver excellent resuts with the least amount of effort and expense—perfect for restaurants, offices and companies of all sizes, and more. The majority of the machines we offer are fully computerized, fully automated, and fully programmable. These machines will deliver a variety of gourmet coffee beverages, hot chocolate and chai tea just like those found in your favorite coffee houses without the travel, fuss, or expense.

THE COFFEE BROKER commercial espresso machines feature one-touch profiles for preset specialty coffee choices, which means there is no need to manually enter in your drink selection like machines that we don’t carry. Another huge difference between ours and the competition is in functionality and programming options. Ours automatically froths the milk without the need for a standard steam wand. And our fresh-roasted espresso beans and quality ingredients for each flavor of gourmet coffee cannot be matched. We make every effort to surpass expectations and provide the highest quality products and service. The aroma and taste of our coffee is truly amazing! Below are examples of the quality machines we carry.

Our Most Popular Models:

Astra 5000 Super Automatic Coffee Machine
Aroma 5000
Aroma 5500 Super Automatic Coffee Maker
Aroma 5500
Astra 2000 Coffee Maker
Astra 2000
Astra Mega Coffee Maker
Astra Mega Traditional
Bravilor Sego Coffee Maker
Bravilor Sego
Eccellenza Coffee Maker
Eccellenz Touch
Bunn Commercial Coffee Maker
Bunn Commerical
LavAzza Coffee Maker
LavAzza Commercial Coffee Makers
LavAzza Krea Coffee Maker
LavAzza Krea