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Astra Traditional Espresso Machines

Astra 2000 Super Automatic Espresso Machines


THE COFFEE BROKER is proud to be a distributor of Astra espresso machines, well known throughout the restaurant and foodservice business. Astra Manufacturing offers three lines of super automatic machines. Each machine is fully computerized, fully automated, and fully programmable. Each machine produces a fresh cup of coffee with little or no user maintenance. Below is an example of the quality machines we carry.

Astra Mega I

Restaurant-Quality Automatic Espresso Machine

The ASTRA Mega I is perfect for any size restaurant or similar high-volume facility—the only machine of its kind on the market. The Mega I is sold as a single-group espresso machine, but it is capable of conversion into a two-group compact machine by the user. Converting the Mega I to a Mega IIC requires the purchase of a conversion kit and then following some simple directions.

Whether it is utilized as a single-group or two-group machine, the Mega I is the only machine of its type and size. No other machine on the market can provide endless steam, constant temperature control, and the perfect shot of espresso.

The Mega I is available as a semi-automatic or fully automatic machine in 110 or 220 volt. Both the semi-automatic and the fully automatic coffee machines utilize Astra’s renowned brewing mechanism and modular construction. The Mega I is also available with one or two steam wands.

Astra Mega II

Restaurant-Quality Automatic Espresso Machine

The ASTRA Mega II (photo below) is a deluxe two group restaurant-quality espresso machine with a production capacity of 480 cups per hour. The Astra Espresso Machine is standardly equipped with three steam wands and one hot water valve OR two steam wands and two hot water valves but can be modified to fit the user’s requirements. The Mega II is available as a semi-automatic or fully automatic machine in 220 volt. This Astra Espresso Machine is also available in a variety of colors to fit any decor.

Shown with 3 steam wand, 1 hot water valve configuration.
  • Produces up to 480 cups of creamy expresso per hour with 2 brewing heads
  • Modular construction makes the Astra M2 012 one of the easiest and most reliable espresso machines to install, operate, maintain, and service.
  • Pre-infusion capabilities on this Astra Espresso Machine
  • Brewing system with thermocirculation and infusion provides absolute temperature consistency and quality
  • Self tamping brewing mechanism
  • Automatic water filling system with 12.5 liter boiler capacity
  • Automatic water dispensing button
  • 2 Hot water valves
  • 2 Steam wands with manual steam controls
  • Manual hot water controls
  • Coffee waste drawer
  • Nickel plated copper boiler
  • Internal quiet motor with rotary-vane Procon pump
  • Internal oversized power breaker for added safety
  • Automatic shut-off if water does not reach the machine
  • All American made nickel plated brass flare fitting eliminates future costly service
  • No electrical components below the drain tray, avoiding electrical hazard and future costly maintenance
  • Plumbed water connection and drain hookup are located under the drain tray
  • No plastic internal parts grant greater durability than other machines on the market
  • Available in black, red, blue, silvertone, and coppertone

The following are standard on all Astra espresso machines:

  • Modular construction for easy maintenance and service
  • Brewing system w/thermo circulation design for absolute temperature consistency
  • Quiet internal motor with rotary-vane procon pump
  • Self-tamping mechanism
  • Automatic high temperature switch with reset
  • Vacuum valve to avoid milk from entering the boiler
  • Automatic water fill
  • Pre-infusion capabilities
  • Pre-programmed to shut off if no water reaches procon pump
  • No electrical component below the machine to avoid electrical hazard
  • Microprocessor-controlled diagnostic system for quick troubleshooting
  • Oversized internal power breaker for added safety
  • Nickel plated brass flare fittings to reduce future costly service
  • Programmable by user (applies to automatic machines only)
  • ETL Certified: NSF-4, UL 197, and CSA C22.2 No.109
  • All machines are available in a large variety of standard colors and made in any custom color upon request
  • Optional stainless frames and panels
  • Two (2) year manufacturer’s limited warranty on parts except gaskets, knobs, valves, pumps and all wear parts (unless factory defective)
  • Best Espresso Beans

Astra Espresso Machine Product Dimensions:

  • Left to Right: 27.25 Inches
  • Front to Back: 19.5 Inches
  • Height: 22 Inches