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LavAzza Espresso Pod Machine

LavAzza Espresso Pod Machine

THE COFFEE BROKER is proud to be a distributor of LavAzza commercial espresso and coffee machines, well known throughout the restaurant and foodservice business.

LavAzza is an industry-leading manufacturer of commercial coffee machines—for restaurants, offices, and businesses of all sizes. Whether the main push of your business is in the morning, noon or night, LavAzza machines will deliver freshly brewed coffee whenever you want it— all the quantity and quality to satisfy your customers, employees, and guests. No matter what kind of company you own, there is a LavAzza commercial coffee machine sure to meet your needs.

Excellent for Smaller Spaces

The latest Lavazza innovation in the world of espresso is a small espresso machine that makes cappuccinos with real milk! Designed by Saeco, fits in all environments, from restaurants to breakfast rooms and self-service solutions. Elegant, professional, technologic, versatile and performance is projected to intensify the experience thanks to its good touch, great look, minimal noise, and perfect coffee taste and flavor. The difference is in one simple touch.

Technical Data

  • One-touch recipe selections
  • Uses LavAzza pods
  • Wide drawer capacity for both separate exhausted caps and water waste
  • Adjustable lower cup for different sizes
  • Warning for automatic washing cycles
  • Fresh milk spout compatible with Ventury system
  • Self rinsing milk froth device: automatic and easily removed to dishwash
  • Interactive panel for menage fixed recipes settings, doses and data
  • Smart usb for data monitoring and management
  • Manufacturer: Saeco
  • Two Thermoblock
  • Mobile coffee spout
  • Hot water spout

Key information

  • Number of consecutive brews: 50
  • Number of consecutive milk froths: 30
  • Cappuccino execution time: 40 Seconds