Exceptional choices in office coffee machines, fresh-roasted coffee, cold brew, iced tea, breakroom supplies, and so much more. See how easy it is to qualify your company for a free top-of-the-line, bean-to-cup espresso machine that dispenses a wide range of flavors at the push of a button!

BUNN Commercial Coffee Makers & Brewers

BUNN Commercial Coffee Makers & Brewers


Full Portfolio of Quality BUNN Equipment

THE COFFEE BROKER is proud to be a distributor of BUNN commercial coffee machines (Bunn-O-Matic Corporation) and beverage equipment, iconic in restaurants and foodservice businesses around the world. No matter what kind of business you own, there is a BUNN commercial coffee maker or beverage equipment sure to meet your needs.

We deliver high quality products from BUNN, an industry leading manufacturer of commercial coffee machines, and provide a full range of BUNN commercial equipment, grinders, beverage dispensers, and parts for every application—for restaurants, offices, and businesses of all sizes. Whether the main push of your business is in the morning, noon or night, these coffee makers will churn freshly brewed coffee into your cup. You can have quantity and quality to please your customers, employees, and guests. This will provide from 60 to a whopping 302 cups of coffee per hour!

Commercial coffee brewing equipment is great for:

  • restaurants and offices
  • iced tea brewing systems
  • cappuccino dispensers
  • industrial coffee brewers
  • specialty coffee brewers
  • airpot brewers
  • gemini brewers
  • omega brewers
  • seraphim
  • convenience store beverage
  • frozen beverage dispensers
  • hot water towers

Compare our services to Farmer Brothers and Standard Coffee Service!

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Doing well so that we may do good

Recognizing that the business operation impacts the total environment, the BUNN Respect Earth® initiative maintains a focus on preserving the Earth for future generations throughout the supply chain. The company is driven to continually identify ways to incorporate this respect for our natural resources into daily business practices and products.

BUNN actively engages with professional industry organizations to support important educational and legislative initiatives, including support through volunteerism and sponsorship of organizations doing important work in coffee- and tea-producing countries.

Strategic Objectives

In managing the business we focus on five key objectives:

  • Provide exceptional value to our customers
  • Maintain the financial health of the business
  • Grow profitably
  • Support a challenging and satisfying workplace
  • Practice aggressive and continual quality improvement

BUNN Commercial Coffee Makers – Designed and assembled in the USA

In the 1950s, the company founder, George Bunn, was driven by the goal of making it simple and fast to brew a quality cup of coffee. He relentlessly designed, hand assembled, tested, modified and perfected prototypes.

Since then, the company’s equipment solutions have dramatically evolved, but one aspect of product innovation development has remained a part of our DNA: every equipment model is designed and/or tested by BUNN professionals in offices and labs in our Springfield, Illinois headquarters. Today, the company has a full portfolio that is rich with industry-leading, customer-driven patented solutions.

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